Game, Narrative, & World Design

Isaac Frankel is a game, narrative, and world designer who grew up in the mountains of Northern Arizona. He received a degree in Game & Interactive Media Design from Tribeca Flashpoint College in Chicago. In 2012, he ran his first successful Kickstarter campaign, collecting 650% of the funding goal. 2013 saw him co-found SomeFriends Studios LLC, an independent game development studio with fellow Flashpoint graduates. He then moved from Chicago to Seattle, where he completed his Kickstarter-funded non-fiction, distributing it to backers in October. Isaac has continued to pursue his passion for design, creating the board game Void Wardens, and continuing many massive worldbuildings projects in his free time.

Most recently, Isaac has made the conscious choice to forego continuing through the education system in favor of self-education. He converted his Subaru Forester into a camper (with makeshift bookshelves, a bed, and storage space) and hit the road with his camera to interview people about their experiences with the education system, under the alias “Traveling Game Dev”.

You can follow his adventure here.

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